Your environment is kept clean & your company is kept green

DPF cleaning produces a clean toxin free DPF, which reduces impact on the environment & keeps your vehicle green

We have a new state of the art DPF Flash Cleaning Machine installed at our premises in Blackburn.

The huge benefit of using this machine is that it cleans to within 98% of the new condition and the Flash Cleaning machine uses a ‘reverse flush’ process.

We can generally offer a twenty four hour turnaround from receipt of DPF to having it ready to send back to you.

There are significant savings to be made on having Darwen Diesels clean your DPFs rather than buying a brand new DPF.

To replace a DPF on a Volkswagen Golf, the cost would be around £1320, and a small commercial vehicle such as a Toyota Hilux would be approximately £2500, and a DPF on an HGV can be up to £12,000 brand new.

Our DPF cleaning prices start from just £165.00 + VAT

For more information on prices, please contact us on 01254 53545

Benefits of Cleaning a DPF

The reverse flush DPF cleaning system removes ash deposits

The noble metals of the DPF and catalyst are preserved

Most PM10 residuals are removed

Sensors can be left in situ

Oil residuals are removed

Easy, fast and inexpensive

Cerium residuals are removed

Efficient cleaning of most types of particulate filter & catalyst

Restoration of the filter

Cars, light Commercial, heavy goods & agricultural & plant vehicles, also Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) units.

24 hour turnaround