DPF Cleaning and Servicing

We recover up to 98% of the original efficiency using DPF cleaning, saving almost £12,000 on a replacement for heavy goods vehicles, plant or agricultural machinery

Darwen Diesels, already a major supplier of diesel fuel injection spare parts to the UK and overseas markets, is now providing a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) cleaning servicing, operating from our premises in Blackburn, Lancashire.

Our DPF regeneration service applies to most diesel powered vehicles including Cars, Light Goods Vehicles, Heavy Goods Vehicles, Agricultural vehicles, Marine engines and Plant which can all benefit from this extremely effective regeneration process resulting in considerable savings to you, the customer.

DPF Servicing and Cleaning Information

Replacing the diesel particulate filter on your vehicle will not be cheap. On a car a new DPF will cost something around £1000 + vat to replace and for a larger commercial vehicle or HGV, the cost is likely to be over £3000 + vat. Replacement of the DPF should only be needed in the most exceptional of circumstances.

Diesel particulate filters are not so much ‘repaired’ as cleaned. During their everyday operation, DPF’s do not have moving parts, so there is nothing to repair as such.

DPF regeneration is a process where the Diesel Particulate Filter gets rid of the build-up of soot that is the result of the diesel fuel combustion process – it effectively self-cleans. There are three types of DPF regeneration: passive, active, and forced.

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