DPF Servicing and Cleaning

We recover up to 98% of the original efficiency of the DPF, saving almost £12,000 on a replacement for heavy goods vehicles, plant or agricultural machinery

Darwen Diesels, already a major supplier of diesel fuel injection spare parts to the UK and overseas markets, is now providing a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) cleaning service operating from our premises in Blackburn, Lancashire.

Our DPF regeneration service applies to most diesel powered vehicles including Cars, Light Goods Vehicles, Heavy Goods Vehicles, Agricultural vehicles, Marine engines and Plant which can all benefit from this extremely effective regeneration process resulting in considerable savings to you, the customer.

DPF Servicing and Cleaning Information

The simple answer is that you can drive with the DPF light on, but the car is giving you a warning that cannot be ignored. If the DPF light is on, but the vehicle is running well, the normal advice would be to take the vehicle on an extended run, probably on a motorway, running at around 3000 revs per minute for at least twenty minutes.

Totally replacing a DPF when it is blocked – and the cost that is associated with this – should be a rare occurrence today. There may be circumstances where a Diesel Particulate Filter gets blocked with soot and then is treated with an inappropriate soot cleaning fluid that actually solidifies the built up soot in the filter rather than loosening it.

As a Diesel Particulate Filter removes soot particles from the engine exhaust of a diesel car, so those soot particles build up in the filter over time. As this build-up occurs, sensors in the exhaust will trigger the DPF to ‘burn’ the soot at high temperature and turn it into ash, which is then disposed of.

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