We use a reverse flush system that removes toxic ash deposits

DPF Flash Cleaning and Servicing Process

We utilise a unique DPF Flash Cleaning process to clean customers' DPFs.

There are a number of advantages to this process, advantages that make it a far more effective process than most other systems.

  • The newly cleaned DPF is restored back to 98% of its ‘brand new’ condition
  • This is verified by ‘before’ and ‘after’ testing which produces reports to show how clean the DPF has become after processing.
  • Flash cleaning is a ‘reverse flush’ process, going against the exhaust flow, removing ash deposits.
  • The process also removes PM10, Cerium and Oil deposits without filter damage.
  • Sensors on the DPF do not need to be removed as part of the cleaning.
  • The integrity of the filter is maintained.

All DPF cleaning is carried out by trained engineers, providing you with peace of mind.