We use a reverse flush system that removes toxic ash deposits

DPF Flash Cleaning Machine

The DPF Flash Cleaning machine offers a significant number of advantages over competitor DPF cleaning services.

For our customers, the two main advantages are that it cleans highly effectively, almost back to ‘as new’ condition and it does so both quickly with a 24 hour turnaround time and is cost effective with prices starting at £165 + vat.

In addition, the technology allows us to complete a total regeneration cycle of Flushing, Washing and Drying, without the need to remove any sensors.

The system is flexible as it cleans almost every type of Particulate Filter and, in addition, Diesel oxidation catalysts and Selective catalytic reduction units.

After the process has taken place, the integrity of the filter is fully maintained.

All customers are given a written report with details of the backpressure test on the DPF, both before and after the cleaning cycle, which shows how effective the DPF cleaning has been.