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What are the alternatives to replacing a blocked DPF?

Totally replacing a DPF when it is blocked – and the cost that is associated with this – should be a rare occurrence today. There may be circumstances where a Diesel Particulate Filter gets blocked with soot and then is treated with an inappropriate soot cleaning fluid that actually solidifies the built up soot in the filter rather than loosening it. We have seen this happen many times before and no doubt it will happen again.

When this occurs, it is very difficult to loosen the solid mass of soot even using our very powerful reverse flush process which removes soot and debris from even badly blocked DPF’s. If this is the case, then it is likely that a new Diesel Particulate Filter will be needed on the vehicle.

The costs of this are significant, with a replacement DPF on a standard car costing around £1000 + vat as compared to around £165 + vat for the reverse flush cleaning process that we use. For an HGV  or agricultural vehicle, the cost for a replacement DPF is around £3000 + vat, as compared to around £250 + vat for our cleaning process. 

So, there are alternatives to replacing a blocked DPF, but a careful choice needs to be made about the type of solution that is put in place, because it could cause more harm than good. Our reverse flush cleaning process is probably, one of, if not the most effective DPF cleaning process in the market.