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Does a DPF need to be serviced?

The diesel particulate filter on a vehicle does not have any moving parts, as a vehicle engine has and as such it doesn’t require servicing as a routine element of prolonging its life, maintaining efficiency. However, if soot builds up in the DPF because the vehicle is primarily used for short journey’s then the DPF is likely to require cleaning (or servicing), or in the worst cases, completely replacing.

New Diesel Particulate Filters are expensive items, so getting the DPF serviced and properly cleaned is a much more palatable alternative. On a standard car, the cost of replacing the DPF with a brand new part is likely to be well over £1200 whereas cleaning the DPF highly effectively using our reverse-flush machine (which returns the DPF to 98% of its original, brand-new, state) will be something in the region of £200. On an HGV, Plant or Agricultural vehicle, a brand new DPF will cost something close to £4000. Cleaning an HGV DPF would cost around £350, so the cost saving is huge.

Importantly, we can offer a rapid turnaround time for cleaning the DPF. From receipt it will take us 24 hours to clean it and have it ready to send back to you, which is probably just as quick if not quicker than the time it takes to order and receive a brand new DPF.