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DPF Replacement

Replacing the diesel particulate filter on your vehicle will not be cheap. On a car a new DPF will cost something around £1000 + vat to replace and for a larger commercial vehicle or HGV, the cost is likely to be over £3000 + vat. Replacement of the DPF should only be needed in the most exceptional of circumstances, but there are situations where significant quantities of soot have accumulated in a DPF because regeneration has not been successful, and the DPF is then treated with one of the many DPF liquid treatments that are available on the market. Some are better than others and sometimes the application of the product is incorrect. However, what can happen is that the soot in the DFP simply solidifies and cannot be removed or, the DPF gets so hot that the internal temperature melts the precious metals.

Under these circumstances in our experience, a replacement DPF will be required. The Flash cleaning machine that we use is highly effective at cleaning soot from DPF’s using it’s liquid reverse flushing process. This blasts a water-based liquid through the DPF repeatedly and it cleans most DPF’s back to 98% of the cleanliness of a brand new DPF. However, where the soot has become solidified in the DPF perhaps because of the use of a DPF liquid, then even our Cleaning machine cannot remove the soot.