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Cost of DPF Cleaning

The cost of DPF cleaning varies depending on the service that might be chosen. An apparently simple and inexpensive solution such as putting an additive into your diesel fuel tank every other fill up will, over time, become a more expensive solution than you might have anticipated, and there are question marks about how effective some of these fuel additives are in doing a good job of cleaning the DPF. This criticism can probably be levelled at many of the DPF cleaning services that involve the use of a chemical additive injected directly into the DPF or added to the diesel fuel tank.

With the reverse-flush cleaning process that we undertake at Darwen Diesels, the DPF is cleaned back to a state where it is tantamount to be brand new, and this is evidenced and verified by ‘before’ and ‘after’ testing. In this testing process, an accurate report is generated which shows how clean the DPF has become on completion of the cleaning cycle. We aim to get all DPF’s that we service restored back to 98% of their ‘new’ condition.

For a standard car, the cost of DPF cleaning service starts from £165 + vat, and for a larger truck or piece of Plant, prices start at £250 + vat. Compared to the cost of a new DPF – which will start at £1000 + vat and go up to £10,000 + vat – this is a huge saving.