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How Do DPF cleaners work?

There are several methods of cleaning Diesel Particulate filters in the market, and they achieve varying degrees of success. Ultrasonic cleaning is available, as is blasting a DPF with compressed air to remove soot. Probably one of the more popular techniques is putting an additive into the diesel fuel tank on a regular basis or spraying a cleaning fluid directly into the Diesel Particulate filter. Both of these techniques will loosen the soot and debris that has collected in the DPF, and once loosened regular exhaust gases will flush soot out of the DPF and clean it.  

There is some evidence, however, that not all of the soot and debris in the DPF is flushed out as it should be, which means that it continues to block the DPF and collect more soot and loose particulates.  

The solution that we offer at Darwen Diesels is a Flash Cleaning process where a water- based solution is rapidly flushed through the DPF in the opposite direction to the flow of the exhaust and soot a number of times until the DPF is returned to a virtually new, clean state. After each flushing the DPF is analysed just to see how clean it is. We ensure that each DPF is cleaned to 98% of a brand new DPF.